JobGiraffe Continues to Grow!

We are so lucky to introduce the three newest members to our JobGiraffe “herd” – Carlin Federle, Kalynn Dodd and Kevin Beardsley.

Attach01Although Carlin comes to us from customer service within a major local firm, this is not her first time in the Recruiting and Staffing industry.  Out of college she was a Recruiting Assistant, and today she is very excited to step into a full-time Recruiter’s seat at JobGiraffe.  She is ready to help candidates find the job that’s right for them!


k dodd

Kalynn is a recent graduate from the University of Oklahoma where she double majored in Entrepreneurship and Management. She’s hoping this experience will give her the opportunity to not only meet candidates and help them take the next step in their own career path, but also help clients build their most valuable asset – their staff.


K Beardsley

Kevin is a new father looking to make his mark on the Recruiting and Staffing Industry with JobGiraffe. His innate interest in working with people and his extensive customer service experience has led him from a successful career in the Printing Industry to a new role within Recruiting and Staffing. JobGiraffe is proud to give him that opportunity!


We’re so lucky to have all three!

From right to left, Carlin Federle, Kalynn Dodd, Kevin Beardsley and Charles Posner, Senior Recruiting and Staffing Consultant and their trainer!

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