Monthly Archives: March 2017

Reduce Your Time-to-Hire

When talent is in short supply, time is your enemy. Today’s job seekers have more tools and opportunities at their disposal than ever before. Put simply, finding talent is more challenging than ever.

Here are three ways you can reduce your time-to-hire.

Have clear requirements AND expectations: Having clear job requirements allows jobseekers to quickly identify if their education and experience are sufficient for the position, as well as what will be expected of a new hire. On the employer-side, clear communication regarding what your organization looks for both pre and post-hire will allow hiring managers to assess potential new hires in a way that is both constructive and specific, since the indicators for success are known to all.

Be transparent: Job seekers have more access to information about your firm than you can imagine. Employee reviews, blog posts, social media, google searches and more, all work to create an image of your company that is powerful in today’s internet-driven job search culture.  For this reason, err on the side of disclosure. Own your company’s faults (we all have them!) and demonstrate to job seekers (and customers) how you are trying to improve. Give out information on your salary and bonus / incentive structure(s). Talk about your office culture positively, but honestly. These factors will increase the number of quality job seekers you attract, and increase the chances of your offer being accepted.

Be prepared to deal with a counter-offer: As the labor market tightens, the competition for talent will only intensify. Do not assume that your offer will be the best offer received. Have a procedure in place to approach and resolve competing offers or counter-offers from current employers. Keeping in close contact with a candidate during the offer and acceptance period not only demonstrates your interest in them, it shows that you are serious about assembling a strong team.

In summary, the 2017 talent timer is ticking loudly…so don’t drag your feet!  Meet with candidates quickly, eliminate rounds and rounds of redundant interviewing, keep the lines of communication wide open and make your highest and best offer now before it’s too late!