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JobGiraffe Welcomes Two More to its “Herd”!

We would like you to meet the two newest additions to the JobGiraffe team.  Please extend a warm welcome to Lexi Quattrochi and Danielle Stoller.  Their addition completes our 2016 expansion plans!

lexiLexi comes to us from a background in sales and high-end retail. She’s looking forward to working with candidates in order to connect them with the clients who need them!  She earned her bachelor’s degree from Columbia College Chicago in Arts, Entertainment and Media Management in 2012, and in her free time likes spending time outdoors with her family and Bernese Mountain Dog, Scarlett. She’s also a total ‘water bug’ who spends as much time swimming, boating and fishing in Lake Michigan as possible.


danielleDanielle graduated from Illinois State University in 2014 and has spent the last two years doing specialized recruiting for the construction industry. In order to take the next step in her career, she has joined the JobGiraffe team. She’s looking forward to learning all aspects of the recruiting and staffing industry by working with both candidates and clients across all disciplines throughout Chicago and the suburbs. In her free time Danielle enjoys running and music, and even moonlights as a classical violinist for weddings and special events!

Welcome to the team guys!

Don’t Slow Down your Job Search just because it’s Summer!

Lessons from a Recruiting and Staffing Firm

Everyone is on vacation… Companies are waiting until Fall to hire new people… It’s just too hot!

Why should I be looking for a job?

We asked three of our experienced Recruiting and Staffing Consultants why summer is a great time to start your job search.

Pam – Your resume will stand out more

PamMost recruiting and staffing professionals, as well as corporate hiring managers, are inundated with resumes throughout the year. This is frequently the reason why it feels as though your resume is constantly ending up in what we, in the industry, call the Resume Black Hole. Simply put, your resume may get more attention in the dog days of summer!

Summer is a great time to apply because – and this is backed up by data AND experience – applications dip during the summer months. Corporate hiring managers and recruiting and staffing professionals are more likely to sit down and digest what’s in your resume. And, as the resume is the primary tool with which to market yourself, this can make all the difference in finding the job you want.

Charles – It shows that you are motivated and dedicated

CharlesWhile everyone else is lounging by the pool working on their tan, you’re out looking for a job. That means something to individuals in HR and the Recruiting and Staffing Industry. Recruiting professionals are only able to work with a limited number of candidates, so finding those who are the most motivated and most serious about finding a job can frequently make a difference.

And don’t think for a second that our clients don’t notice either! They are dealing with the same summer shortage of applicants that we are, so your willingness to suit up for an interview in 100 degree weather means something to them as well.

Patti – It’s easier to start a conversation

PattiAnyone who’s ever been on an interview knows the experience can be a little awkward, especially at the beginning. After all, you’re sitting down with a complete stranger to talk about an issue that can and will affect your future, and possibly your life! It’s best to start off on a good foot and make a good first impression.

Summer is a great time for interviewing because easy conversation starters abound.  Have any big 4th of July plans? Are you doing any traveling this year? When’s the last time you made it to the beach? Isn’t summertime in Chicago just the best!? These are easy ways to establish a rapport with your interviewer and allowing them to know more about you.

Now put down that margarita, fix up your resume and put on your best summer interview outfit! If you need a place to start, visit our Job Board. Or, if you are a recent graduate, be sure to visit our Recent Grad page. We promise, all of our offices have air conditioning… And, as always, Reach Higher!

JobGiraffe Gets Involved!

JobGiraffe values community service, charity and social action as we strive to be both good neighbors and responsible corporate citizens. We actively encourage our employees to volunteer within their communities and to support the causes they believe in. This year we would like to highlight three of our team members for the work they have done and are continuing to do!

Pam – Red Nose Day

Today is Red Nose Day, a day to come together and “fun-raise” to bring attention to childhood poverty and hunger around the globe, culminating in a live 2-hour television event tonight at 8pm Central on NBC. Red Nose Day has now grown into a major pop culture event attracting attention for celebrities such as Neil Patrick Harris and Julia Roberts and partnering with some of America’s most recognizable brands including Walgreens and Coca Cola. This year, our own Pam Wing took the initiative to coordinate our fundraising and social media efforts for Red Nose Day. For more information or to make a donation, please visit

red nose

Zack – Bike 4 Life

Bike-4-Life_659830_imageBike 4 Life is a unique organization that brings together hobbyists and philanthropists in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. Bike 4 Life is a non-profit bike store that holds regular community outreach events and donates all of its profits to HIV research and awareness. Located at 3603 West Armitage Ave, Bike 4 Life performs repairs and accepts donations in a carefree, friendly and all-volunteer environment. Our own Zackary Wheeler has taken it upon himself to raise awareness for this one of a kind organization. To learn more visit

Ben – Lakeside Congregation’s ‘Mitzvah Day’

In the Hebrew language, a mitzvah is a good deed or act of charity. On May 1st, our Communications Director, Ben Horwitz, had the opportunity to coordinate his congregation’s 16th annual Mitzvah Day event. During the course of the day over 100 volunteers were able to revitalize a local park, collect and sort over two carloads of clothing for the homeless and prepare 10,000 individual meals to help feed the world’s most vulnerable families. You can watch some of the highlights from Lakeside Congregation’s 2016 Mitzvah Day here:

JobGiraffe is Growing!

JobGiraffe would like to welcome its three newest team members: Alyssa Williams, Eva Miga and Michele Ortiz! We are very lucky to add these three very dynamic (and very qualified) people to the JobGiraffe “herd.”

Photo of AlyssaAlyssa is a graduate from the University of Kentucky where she studied Strategic Communication and Psychology. She is excited about joining the team, and is anxious to learn everything possible about the recruiting and staffing industry while building relationships within our unique JobGiraffe family. She loves animals, and was so thrilled to feed our giraffe friends Mithra, Arnietta, Jaseri and Potoka at Brookfield Zoo in her first week on the job!

Photo of Eva Miga, JobGiraffe

Eva comes from a well-established background in banking management. Having recently graduated from Dominican University with a degree in Business Administration, Eva joined JobGiraffe in order to take the next step in her career. She has always enjoyed working with people, and can’t wait to help job seekers advance their careers by finding the perfect job for them. She also loves to travel! Her goal is visit one new country every year for the rest of her life in order to meet new people and experience new cultures.

Photo of Michele Ortiz, JobGiraffe

Michele is an experienced office administrator and mother of two who is currently working towards her degree in Business Administration. Because she has experience with JobGiraffe as both a candidate and client, she jumped at the chance to join our team and further advance her management skills. She hopes to use her unique life experiences to help candidates along their career path. She’s also a competitive Latin dancer, but loves nothing more than hanging at home and playing games with her family.

We are so lucky to add these three outstanding individuals to our herd!

Reach Higher!